How much money you can earn with Hostgator affiliate program?

Hostgator affiliation publishers can make money from zero to thousands of dollars every month promoting hostgator products and services. According to me, Web hosting affiliation programs are best payers.

Affiliate marketing is art of promoting a company’s products and services. Publisher’s earn commission whenever a visitor from their website follows a link and makes purchase at advertisers website.

Back to the Hostgator affiliate program, you can make handsome revenue by promoting their products and services see here how much you get paid:

1-5 Sales per Month = $50 Per sale

6-10 Sales per Month = $75 Per Sale

11-20 Sales per Month = $100 Per sale

21+ Sales per Month = $125 Per Sale

About Hostgator:

As of today Houston, Texas based Hostgator is hosting over 9 million domains and every hour it is increase its count.  Their motto, “Eat up the Competition,” is quite fitting, especially as their popularity grows exponentially with each satisfied client.  Established in 2002 during the height of the web hosting revolution, HostGator now employs over 750 professionals who serve customers in over 200 countries.

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