Flashlight or headlamp for night hiking?

There is nothing quite like night hiking. You will feel completely removed from all of the stresses and problems of normal life, because out here in the wild, there is just you and the night. Your senses will be heightened, and you will hear animals and birds all around you that you have probably never noticed before. But regardless of whether you decide to walk in darkness or not, you will definitely need some sort of light with you at all times. It is simply not safe to be left completely in the dark all of the time, and you may require a light if you drop your keys, or find that you have become lost. But what kind of light is the best to take with you when you are going on a night hike: a flashlight, or a headlamp?

HeadlampMany people prefer headlamps. This is perfect for those people that want to keep their hands free – perhaps they are walking with someone, or need to keep their hands free in case they trip over something. It could definitely help if you are looking for something, because a headlamp will follow your gaze, and allow you to always keep track of the direction that you are going. Headlamps or Lanterns are good for adventure late night slow cooker dinners on trekking or camping days.

otherwise we will use the dull light and some flashlights, lanterns and headlights for our adventure back down to dinner.

Coast HP17TACOn the other hand, there are others that prefer a best LED flashlight. This allows you to point the beam in a different direction to where you are directly facing, which means you won’t strain your neck trying to see something. Flashlights also usually have a stronger beam, and can therefore show a greater distance. If you are trekking in a wild area and going with firearm take Best Tactical Flashlight with you.

You can use a trekking pole with a flashlight holder. If you aren’t  hiker who uses a trekking pole then you can hold the flashlight with your hands.

Whatever you decide to take with you, make sure that it is either fully charged, or you have spare batteries with you. The last thing you want to do is be left in the dark accidentally!

My new summer Motorcycle Gloves.

Serious motorcyclists always need a serious motorcycle gear, Although I am not a serious rider I bought a serious lightweight motorcycle gloves for this summer riding. This post is all about what I liked and what I feel about this gloves after my first use this week.

I bought this Alpinestars M20 gloves delivers high level of comfort, It comes with goatskin leather and air mesh hybrid gloves. This breathable gloves are durable, comfortable and provides superior comfort.


  1. Goat skin leather and mesh upper construction lightweight, durable and highly breathable.
  2. Goat skin leather gives abrasion resistance and durability and EVA foam provides knuckle protection
  3. Gloves even feature a split gusset on finger for improved comfort and TPR details on the fingers for more flexibility and safety.
  4. Alpinestars and Monster energy co-branding provides style and modern look
  5. Great color options to choose to match your jacket and motorcyle
  6. Wrist flap closure for more protection and support
  7. It is available in multiple sizes to choose from, so great fit for everyone.

This is summer gloves, I don’t think I can use them in cold weather.If you are looking more comfort Alpinestars gloves look at SMX2 Air Carbon gloves also. For best Motorcycle summer gloves look at this website.

How much money you can earn with Hostgator affiliate program?

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